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Welcome to the official website for Roosevelt High School. Our new website provides information for both the Parents and students. So be sure to go through the website for important dates and events. Students and parents are welcome to send pictures of school events for the website.




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Newsletter 1 - 2018

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Dear Parents and Guardians

I trust that you enjoyed the holiday and am certain that you are more than ready for your children to return to school. I am very excited for the new year and am very happy to welcome all of you whose children are new to the school and to welcome back our existing parents. I am also pleased to welcome all of our school staff, and our new teachers. I am looking forward to a fulfilling and successful year for our school. Thank you to all the teachers who spent time on school work over the holidays!


I must offer a special welcome to all our new Grade 8 learners. Your choice to attend Roosevelt High is a wise one – we work hard at this school both in and outside the classroom and I expect that you will all subscribe to this ethos. Part of this commitment concerns reading. EVERY learner is expected to have a reading book at school EVERY DAY other than their prescribed literature. The value of reading simply cannot be underestimated.


Our hard work during class time has, again, resulted in a 100% matric pass rate. I am so thrilled by this result and need to commend the learners and the teachers for their hard work. I am particularly grateful to the many teachers who give up their personal time in the afternoons, and on weekends, to assist our learners so that they are successful at the end of Grade 12. Due to this - every single Grade 12 learner of 2017 achieved well enough to study further!  This is a great achievement! I would also like to mention that a number of children from the class of 2017 donated their school uniforms to the school. This is most generous and will greatly benefit some children at our school.


Parents, I trust that you are aware that we have already started teaching. There is no time to waste to ensure the success of our learners. Parents and Guardians, it is vital that you, your children and the school work together.  No child is too old to be checked up on and you, parents and guardians, have a responsibility to facilitate school work and activities and monitor your children as much as the school has. It is a fallacy to think that the school is solely responsible for your children’s success or lack thereof. Grade 12s – DO NOT leave your preparation for end-of-year exams to the last minute. Do not be the one who does not achieve as well as possible because of a lack of commitment from day 1! Grade 12s - take careful note of the following: in 2017, Wits University closed their applications on 30 September; at UJ, there were ELEVEN applications for every ONE position available!


You will have received the term plan, assessment schedule and cycle test programme for Term 1. Please take careful note of dates that are relevant to you and your children. The extra-lesson programme will be issued soon. Learners, the first term is an ideal opportunity to achieve good results (as the content is relatively small) and set your standard for the rest of the year. Please start in the way you mean to finish! Parents, the Grade Managers will be identifying under-performing learners who will be required to stay at school during their June and November exams in order to study. Once an exam has been written these learners will stay at school until the normal end of the school day and will study under supervision.


Our sports and extra-mural programme starts next week. Please encourage your children to participate. It is always interesting to note that the busiest learners are often the most successful ones. Apart from this, children need to spend time on healthy activities outside of the classroom as this is part of a balanced life-style.


I spoke of new classrooms a number of times last year and am so pleased to give you very positive update: we have four temporary classrooms ready for use and the first four brick-and-mortar classrooms will be available at the end of February; the four upper-level classrooms will be ready by the end of March! As you can imagine, this will alleviate many problems caused by a lack of sufficient teaching space.


 I hope that the year ahead is successful and happy


Yours in education

Mr W. de Wet


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